10 Awkward Situations Faced By To Be Brides/Newly Wedded

1. Calling strangers ‘Mummy’ & ‘Papa’! *AWKS*

2. Obeying Monster In Laws instructions!

3. Having to dress up and talk to 50 strangers & get ladoos stuffed in your mouth by them!

4. Going jewellery & saree shopping with your Monster In Law!

5. Making sure you get along with each and every one of his FAMILY MEMBERS!

6. Not drinking in front of your in laws!

7. Hearing somebody talk about how amazing looking babies you will make with your husband! *EW*

8. Starving yourself to sleep as this is not your house and you can’t sneak into the kitchen at 3 am to make yourself some Maggi 😉

9. Facing your in laws and your own parents after your wedding night!
Yes now they know you got deflowered and the in laws are so happy that their son finally got laid 😛

10. FRUSTRATED YET SMILING! – No matter how angry you are!
Just smile and wave! 😉

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