10 Things You Must Do With Your Best Friend Before You Die!

1. Sky Diving with your BEST FRIEND! – LET IT GO!
We all have this on our Bucket List after watching Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara!

2. Eat Your Heart out the whole day!

3. Go Backpacking through Himachal Pradesh!

4. Stay DRUNK for an entire WEEKEND!

5. Go medieval pour your hearts out in letters to be read only after
one of you passes away!

6. Max Out Your Credit Cards!
WARNING : Do this only when you know you are about to die! 😛

7. Crash a wedding and dance at it!

8. Experience the joy of giving – On that one day spend your time at an orphanage or
do something for Charity!

9. Become a child again – At night ring peoples door bells and run away! 😛

10. After getting tired from all of this! Throw a great movie marathon!
Watch super hit movies of each decade starting 1940!

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