11 Things That Keep You Awake At Night


1. Music – Ah the one thing that is always there for us when in need. It’s the magical cure for everything. And for some of us or may be all of us we just can’t go to bed without listening to some of our favorite songs.

“Music is the strongest form of magic.”

2. Studies – Every person’s sleep schedule and study habits are different. Some prefer to study during the day and some at night.

“Keep calm. Drink coffee and keep studying”

3. Insomnia – The most common problem of all. It sucks when the sleep pays no visit and your train of thought is running faster than usual. Be it silly thoughts or stressing over a certain thing, it always results in keeping you awake at night.

“does he/she like me” “ am I good enough” “what should I wear tomorrow” “i should have apologized” 

4. Work shifts – You have to kiss the sleep goodbye when you choose a job that pays you to stay awake.

“I have forgotten what it’s like to have  a normal sleeping pattern”

5. Jet Lag – Well those who travel know exactly what it means.


6. Pain – Heart breaks or body pain they all play the role of being a “pain” in the ass when it comes to us getting a nice relaxing sleep. Especially when we’re trying not to think about it.


7. Book – We all start to read at night thinking that it will help us sleep. But, when the books turns out to something much more amazing than sleep?? Well, you know what happens next.

” What happens next?? I wanna know. Fuck Sleep”

8. Bf/Gf’s phone call – Talking all night with that special someone till the sun comes up is the best feeling ever .No you hang up…no you hang up

9. T.V – Whether it’s your favorite TV show or an award show that airs midnight due to time zone differences. You know it’ll be the day where there be no sleep and only regrets in the morning 😉

“OH MY GOD HE THEY WON” “OH NOOOOOO…why did they kill him”

10. Excitement – If you have to wake up to travel the other day or if it is your bffs birthday, the excitement just wont let you sleep. Or if it’s salary day for the ones who work 🙂

I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!

11. Internet – We had to keep the best for the last. The reason for our dark circles ,laziness, tiredness, happiness, excitement and much more. The Internet is ALWAYS there for us 🙂

“One more episode and then off to bed…..said no one ever 😀

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