13 Signs That Your Best Friend Hates Your Boyfriend !

All the time Often time it happens that our best friend hates our boyfriend.  What happens when this happens?? We are stuck. We can’t even ignore her comments nor her opinions on him. According to our best friend, we suck at picking out a boyfriend. This leads to arguments. So to stop all this you must know the signs that tells that she’s not a big fan of your boyfriend .

The world would be a better place if the  best friend actually got along with our boyfriend !!

1.The moment your boyfriend enters the room she makes “the face”

2. She has only negative to say about you and your boyfriend

3. He’s always the object of her mean jokes

4. She only talks to him in sarcasm

5. And if you all are together out for dinner she refuse to acknowledge his existence.

6. She’ll tell you how your ex was way better

7. Basically she’ll blame him for everything wrong that is happening in your life

8. She’ll never be up for the idea of inviting him. ANYWHERE

9. She’ll become all quiet and weird whenever you talk about him


10. They hate it when you hang out with him

11. She’ll always encourage you to get rid of him whenever the two of you fight instead of solving it

12. She talks about hooking you up with other guys

13. She lets him know that she hates him ALL THE TIME

So if your best friends hates your boyfriend, get ‘em to talk somehow see what her problem is with him. Don’t go all attitude mode on her. Listen to her. And if her points seem useless then go ahead, keep them apart or else all hell will break loose; p

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  1. neha kelkar

    if the boy is really not good than only the best friend will say negative about him as the girl who is in love with the boy will not be able to see bad things about her boyfriend as love is blind. best friend always wish her friend to be with a right guy not fake

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