8 Silly Games You Used To Play During Your Schooling Phase!

1. FLAMES – The best & the only way to know whether the guy/girl you like is your
F – Friend , L – Lover , A – Adored , M – Marriage , E – Enemy or S – Soulmates.

2. SOULMATES – The only way to know whether out of those 20 crushes that we
have who will actually be our SOULMATE!

3. TIPPY TAP – Tippy Tippy Tap which color do you want?
Remember this silly game we all have played?

4. RED HAND – Lets see who is the strongest & lets see whose hand is the most red!

5. NAME PLACE ANIMAL THING – Lets do this!
Testing each others IQ & testing who is the smartest one out of the lot?

6. DOT TO DOT – Are you bored?
Lets join the dots 😉

7. RAJA MANTRI CHOR SIPAHI – Pick a chit and that chit used to decide
what role do you have to play! 

8. TIC TAC TOE – The evergreen game that we used to play all the time
during classroom boring lectures!
PS – We still play this game sometimes in Office 😉
Don’t we?

Are we missing out on any? 

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