8 Things To Do On 31st Dcember !!

There are bunch of things that one must do on the New Year’s Eve. But we bring you the important 8. Maybe this can be your new thing for 2015.

1) Getting drunk and partying hard on New Year’s Eve is pretty awesome. BUT DON’T OVER DO IT!!98475

2) Going out for New Years with friends is amazing, but don’t forget to spend quality time with your family. Even if it has to be through Skype or an early dinner.10

3) Don’t forget to give thanks to God for all of achievement and even failures in 2014. You are who you are because of that.tumblr_inline_n0x3y0ki7X1s5g9nj

4) Don’t forget to treat the unfortunates. da

5) Feed the strays.strays-2

6) If you have grandparents, then do not forget to spend some extra quality time with them 🙂grandparents

7) If you see someone in trouble is it a boy or a girl or anyone for that matter don’t just stand and watch. SPEAK UP and HELP. And if in any case you can’t then inform 100.shirtback

8) And the most important Don’t Drink And Drive. If you want to show off to your friends, then choose another day. Celebrate, have fun and Be Safe.safety-is-sexy3

Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe 2015.

(Credits to the owner of the gifs and images)

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