‘Desi Magic’ Teaser Starring Ameesha Patel,Zayed Khan & Sahil Shroff (Oh Boy!!)

So we are yet to find out completely what Bollywood has planned for us in 2015 but we just got a “tease” of yet another movie that started off only with a woman half clothed trying to be all sexy with all this attitude of “maine Shaadi nahi Karni ,i like being single blah blah” and the other one? The simple sudhri Hui Ma Baba ki ladli. who end up swapping lives??

Haven’t we’ve seen all this before?? Yup !

Ameesha Patel is making a “comeback” through this movie and by the way has also produced it. WOW!! And whom did she decide to take opposite her?? Zayed Khan and Sahil Shroff??

Well, Well we just wished Ameesha would have chosen something better given that the GIRL CAN ACT and not something that the public has already seen or are now bored with it. But as they say we must give someone a chance and that is what we are doing. We are judging it by the teaser hoping that the trailer will help us change are minds.

As for Ameesha we wish her all the best. It’s just our opinion. No hard feelings.


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