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Interstellar & Judge Movie Reviews

Interstellar is like a jewel added to Christopher Nolan’s precious cinematic works. His out-of-the-box thinking aspect along with creative brilliance manages to give wonderful visuals that attempted to bring some tough astrophysics to a general audience and showcase some real interstellar science in the public domain.

As far as acting is concerned, to be sincerely honest, the cast does not perform exceedingly well to such a mark that one could not think of an alternate casting list in stead. However, Matthew McConaughey’s acting was as to be expected; deep, emotional and well executed. As was Anne Hathaway’s character, Amelia Brand. The story seems very unusual and interesting which also makes the audience think and be involved in understanding the plot and story intensely however, those with a light mind, can enjoy space visual delights and relax.

It’s undoubtedly a serious science fiction with brain, beauty and heart but ultimately unmemorable due to being too intense for few. Definitely watchable to honor a creative mind, but it may not delighting for a general audience

Now if you wish to see Robert Downey beyond his action spills as Tony Stark or sarcastic spells as Sherlock Holmes, The Judge should be your pick of the day. The actor finally gets a platform to showcase a relatively intense performance unlike his last few releases. Unsurprisingly, the on-screen pairing of Duvall and Downey is the main draw – and the veteran actors deliver.

The story is quite dramatic and poignant but that should not surprise you seeing the poster itself. The supporting cast is strong, with a handful of familiar faces in key roles, but most arcs are left underdeveloped.

The movie seems pretty stretched and predictable at some points while the plot is mediocre as per international standards, although it’s a watchable drama.

By Sagar Datta
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